About Us

Here’s a little bit about us and the team.

Established a little over 4 years we’re a non-profit team of volunteers who simply want to keep the local community up-to-date about their own towns and villages. We have around 10 dedicated admins who working non-stop to try and give you reliable information, in a way no newspaper can, immediately.

Our goal is to inform people who reside in Teesside of incidents ranging from RTCs, fires, robberies, assisting police investigations, assisting all areas of the emergency services, providing and assisting with fundraisers for chosen charities and making the public aware of events in Teesside.

We now have more than 57,000 avid followers and reach close to 400,000 people!
That’s 400,000 people who now know exactly what’s happening, where it’s happening.

We continuing to grow as a team and an organisation and we can’t thank you enough for your continued support.

Figures quoted are correct as of October 2018